Some nice things folks have to say about our work… you can also visit the website of the school I was teaching at to see how I weave art across the curriculum by integrating class studies, art history and the elements and principles of art by visiting the links found below.

“Deb is a true artist. She pours her heart and soul into her work. The students at Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy love art but more so they love Mrs. O’. Her passion and enthusiasm for teaching made her a valuable member of our staff. Her work ethic is without question one of her most impressive characteristics, she puts in whatever it takes to accomplish the task at hand. In a nut shell Deb is one of those people you can truly depend on. I would also like to add that Deb fosters traditional family values in her life and children, something that as a society we often over look or simply don’t take time to encourage. These values make being around this family a pleasure. I am honored to have worked with such a dedicated individual! Thank You.” ~Jason Cole, Grammar School Principal, Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy a Challenge Foundation Academy

2008-09 art website

fall 2009 website

“I worked with Deborah at the School for Blind and was consistently impressed with not only her amazing artistic talent but also her impressive teaching across so many mediums to such a variety of learners. Deborah is a gifted teacher who is able to recognize and help flourish the artist that lives inside every child.” ~Meghan Byrnes Coyle

“I had the good fortune of living near Deb in FL where she taught my children how to express themselves in art form ~ not an easy feat particularly for my daughter who found it challenging to draw a stick figure! Deb has a knack for instilling confidence in a child ~ the necessary stepping stone to great works of art.” ~Veronica Klos

An artist, like Deborah, who shares her passion for Art through education is truly an exponential gift to the world. Deborah’s gentle-spirited teaching style and natural, inspiring talent creates a contagious appreciation and curiosity of all things related to art. As their grammar school Art teacher, Deborah brought so many aspects of art to life in the minds of my children. She has a unique talent for making art accessible, understandable, and fun for all ages and skill levels. ~Patty Derbyshire-Kean

“The girls really loved the workshop, so much so that they wanted to teach us, so we spent the weekend making little felted people, here are a few of our creations….”   ~Michelle, Sag Harbor

“…a huge thank you for yesterday.  The children absolutely had a fantastic time,  and the  parents loved it too.  Was a wonderful experience for all and a welcome change from the over marketed birthday parties you often see out here.  I have a feeling i will see you soon as many of my friends are interested in having a party with you again.  Thank you. ~ Kenna, Sag Harbor

I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful party for our daughter.  You do a wonderful job with the children and made it so much ‘for her’.  And that was so sweet to give the birthday girl a gift from YOU!
Already I have had a number of parents raving about the party and that they have gone online to look at your website at the classes you offer.   Thank you again for such a wonderful party.   ~ Lisa, Southampton

Harry, age 8, attended art classes at L’Atelier 5 and had a great experience.  He came home curious and excited about  the artists he learned of, and spontaneously asked to look up more of their work on line, and he really enjoyed the art work he made.  His reaction stuck out in my mind, because he had not shown any particular reaction one way or another regarding art classes in the past, so  I can only attribute his response to the talent of the teacher. In fact, while looking at photos a friend did of local wildlife, he ran to get a pad and began drawing  what he was seeing- totally new response on his part.   It was pretty thrilling!   ~Mindy, Easthampton



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  1. Give a kid a pencil and a pad of paper and you unlock his/her imagination. Give a kid a lump of clay and you let him/her make real what was unreal. A paint brush , a canvas, a printing press or a lump of charcoal – all of these tools allow a kid to express, to interpret – to show how they uniquely see the world they live in. In today’s crazy- hectic pace of life for kids- an art class is calm place – to go with in and find that place where they can just be.
    Deborah chose not to just live life making art but to live artfully – sharing her love for creation and self expression with others. Planting that seed into the fertile minds of children is a wonderful gift to give the world.

    I can’t wait to watch it all grow! – Kelly Light -Illustrator

  2. Deb is one of those people who bring beauty wherever she goes. Not only is she a great teacher, fantastic mother, wonderful wife, fabulous cook, talented and creative artist, she is a rare gem of a friend. I had the pleasure of working side by side with Deborah at Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy. I teach music and Deb and I collaborated often combining music and art in the classroom. Watching her teach is a joy. She has so much passion, enthusiasm, and dedication to the students she teaches. I learned so many things about art by being by her side. Our loss at Thomas Jefferson Grammar School is your gain. She will blossom wherever she goes, leaving beauty behind her. Laura Daigle, Music Teacher

  3. Our daughters had the very fortunate opportunity to participate in Deb’s one week art class. They LOVED it! Deb introduced them to many different materials, expanding their experience with art and encouraging their interests and enjoyment of being creative. We are looking forward to spending time with Deb and her wonderful family again.

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